PIN-Switch Platform

      The PIN-Switch platform, together with the terminals, provides an integrated end-to-end payment management system for prepaid electricity vending, which is suitable for an electricity utility or any private payment management company that wishes to implement prepaid metering and prepaid vending.

      The STS compliant PIN-Switch platform includes advanced meter management and prepaid token vending and generation capabilities.

      PIN-Switch is a multi-channel cloud platform that can be used in many industries. Designed from the ground up - our dedicated API connectivity framework allows our terminals to vend tokens for any purpose.

      The PIN-Switch platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. We take care of the hosting, maintenance and management - you take care of your back-office and customers. The system is accessed and managed via a web browser and secure Internet connection.



      The PIN-Switch Platform is flagship product. PIN-Switch is a switching platform for online transactions including prepaid electricity. PIN-Switch supports various channels for processing transactions and third-party vending. The PIN-Switch platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution.


      PIN-Switch platform is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution. Under the SAAS model, the hosting and management of the meter management and transaction processing technology is left to iPay, allowing the customer to concentrate their resources on operations and all other aspects of their business. The system is accessed and managed by the customer via a web browser and a secure internet connection. Software-as-a-Service solutions represent a low risk to the customer.


      Our dedicated line of Smart POS (Point of Sales) terminal are customised to integrate seamlessly with the PIN-Switch platform and come in a number of configurations suited the business needs. Our primary products are iPP8 and iPP9. Both terminals are loaded with the most stable version of Android with the following key features:/

  • Integrated 2?5? thermal printer
  • Magstripe ? credit/debit card-processing
  • Pin PED ? smartcard
  • Camera
  • 1D/2D Barcode Scanner (iPP9 only)
  • 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Finger print scanner (iPP9 only, custom deployments only)


      Whether your operation in retail of office outlet based or field based the mobility element of the iPP9 allow you to go and vend tokens at the door-step rather than requiring customer to come and visit your stores or outlets.

      PIN-Switch was developed with our Terminals in mind and at the core of the solution. Hardware terminals in such industries are always an afterthought and due to the various factors in their lifecycles (swap outs are common within 3-5 years). This in essence means a lengthy process of ensuring the systems continue without disruptions beyond the current versions. This ultimately has a knock-on effect on overhead on contracts, prices points and other unforeseeable issues relating to the business.

      We spent just as much time resources and effort in supply chain of hardware as we did with our main platform. In order to ensure our future proofing, our terminals are based on the principle of build-once use for anything.


The platform facilitates the sale of prepaid electricity for meters that are Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant as our Sales Front-End integrates with XMLVend 2.x standard designed for smart meter management deployments.


Prepaid vouchers can be imported in bulk and assigned any monetary value via a secure centralised repository. Token generation, receipt printing service can be done on demand and aligned to any promotional or legacy payment system.


Bill payment or account payments for our dedicated utility channels can be seamlessly collect and manage outstanding arrears settlement. Payments are cross-references with unique ID numbers, and cash is transferred directly to the relevant receiver. Bills can be paid at retail outlets or settle agents to collect in the field.

EFT Payments - Debit and Credit Cards

The platform is designed to communicate seamlessly via ISO 8583 to any financial acquiring or issuing institution. This financial switching ability allows payments to be effected by approved credit cards and debit cards.

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Our Sales Management Front-End can be modified to allow the collection, validation and processing on data on demand. Whether its survey administration, customer data/feedback gathering, meter numbers validation, audits and or inspections ? we can cover these areas in our custom extended mode of operation.


Our terminal comes in different configuration with a custom software client that seamlessly integrates with our Flagship service PIN-Switch. As these terminals are mobile POS terminals and connected to the Sales Management Component directly, they can be deployed in a number of different scenarios rapidly ? which can provided extended service delivery channels and revenue sources.

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A number of certifications have been accredited including Conlog?s XMLVend Conformance standard and compatibility with STS Compliant back-end infrastructures for meter management.


ESKOM XmlVend Conformance

Conlog, in November 2016 confirmed PIN-SWITCH XmlVend 2.1 Conformance. Letter: XmlVend 2.1 Letter of Conformance

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